Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle 3D Movie Hindi Tamil Telugu Eng 720p Half-SBS 1080p

Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle 3D Movie Full Movie Download Free

Action, Adventure, Comedy
Size: 2GB – 3GB
Language: Hindi – Telugu – Tamil – Eng
Quality: 3D HSBS BluRay 720p, 1080P
Initial release: 20 December 2017 (USA)
Director: Jake Kasdan
Screenplay: Jake Kasdan, Scott Rosenberg, Jeff Pinkner, Erik Sommers, Chris McKenna
Producers: Dwayne Johnson, Ted Field, Matthew Tolmach, William Teitler, Matt Tolmach, Mike Weber

In 1996, in Brantford, New Hampshire, teenager Alex Vreeke receives the Jumanji board game, found by his father on a beach. When Alex dismisses it, the game transforms into a video game cartridge. When he plays it, he is sucked into the game. Twenty years later, four students in Brantford High School are placed in detention together: Spencer Gilpin, who is writing essays for his former friend, Anthony “Fridge” Johnson (who is also in detention), and Bethany Walker and Martha Kaply have both disrespected their respective teachers during class. Assigned to clear out the school’s basement, the four find Jumanji, now a five-player action-adventure console game. With one of the playable characters inaccessible, the teens select the others, and are sucked into the game.

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