Dredd 3d (2012) Movies Download Hindi – English – Telugu 1080p

Dredd 3d (2012) Movies Download Hindi - English - Telugu 1080p 2012

Dredd 3d (2012) Movies Download Hindi – English – Telugu 1080p

Crime, Sci-Fi
Size: 1.7Gb
Language: Hindi – English – Tamil – Telugu
Quality: BluRay (1080p)
Writers: John Wagner, Carlos Ezquerra
Stars: Karl Urban, Olivia Thirlby, Lena Headey
Release date: 21 September 2012 (India)

Dredd 3D might be the only movie ever to make audiences say, “Did you see that guy get his face blown off? It was beautiful!” Ultraviolence isn’t for everyone, but for those who like their carnage over the top, this movie is aces.

It’s an astonishing rebound for a comic-strip character, plucked from British sci-fi anthology 2000 AD, that first made it to the big screen in 1995 flop Judge Dredd. In that movie, Sylvester Stallone played the futuristic judge/jury/executioner who patrols crime-riddled metropolis Mega-City One. Not to be too judgmental, but it was not good.

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This latest multiplex incarnation is a vast improvement, mainly because the R-rated Dredd 3D doesn’t try to be anything it’s not: The plot is lean to say the least, the performances are one-dimensional (in all the best ways), and lots of people get blown to bits in extremely entertaining action sequences. The straightforward flick pulls off no masterful twists or turns, and is cut from similar cloth as dozens of shoot-’em-ups before it.

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But most importantly, it’s fun as hell. This is the movie that’s supposed to come out at the end of summer, once the blockbuster season is over and everyone needs one more big, stupid fling before fall sets in.

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